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"Lately I've been having terrible back and hip pain problems, they have gotten to the point where they were interfering with simple daily movements such as walking and sitting comfortably. The pain even caused me to put my workouts on hold, which crushed me. 😔 That's when Star Physical Therapy Services stepped in...

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I have been loving working with this team over the last month. They are super kind and energetic, they have been like heroes to me! 😊 The staff develops a treatment plan that fits your mental and physical limits and expectations, 📋 and they know how to challenge you without going past said limits. Now I'm back to working out and feeling like my best self again, all thanks to Star Physical Therapy Services! ✅"


The end of the year is near, and most deductibles reset on January first. So, if you are living with persistent pain, THIS is the time to get the relief that you deserve!

Who Can Benefit From a Free Screening?

Anyone who...

- Has trouble performing normal daily tasks or exercise
- Has trouble sleeping at night due to pain
- Is recovering from a sports injury, work injury, or car accident
- Has acute, non-emergent pain
- Has tried other medical interventions without success
- Is experiencing a limited range of motion or stiffness
- Has limitations due to weakness or balance

Free screening offer valid at our Lakewood location at 13215 Grant Road, Suite 900, Cypress, TX 77429

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