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Screenings provided by Peak Physical Therapy

"This was my first time going to physical therapy, and I'm so thankful that I choose Peak Physical Therapy. From day one in the door, the staff at Peak have been so friendly and helpful😊. They gave me a wonderful experience ranging from the quality of treatment to the customer service from the staff.

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The physical therapists here are very knowledgeable and understanding, they listened to my pains and concerns and put together a comprehensive plan of therapy that was a custom fit for my body.📋Now I'm back to 100% with no limitations! I would highly recommend Peak to anyone that needs physical therapy.✅".

Who Can Benefit From a Free Screening?

Anyone who...

- Has trouble performing normal daily tasks or exercise
- Has trouble sleeping at night due to pain
- Is recovering from a sports injury, work injury, or car accident
- Has acute, non-emergent pain
- Has tried other medical interventions without success
- Is experiencing a limited range of motion or stiffness
- Has limitations due to weakness or balance

Free screening offer is at our Brookland location!

8400 Hwy 49N, Suite A

Brookland, AR 72417

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