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From December 6th to December 20th

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Screenings provided by Kingwood Occupational & Physical Therapy

"I've had excruciating knee pain for quite some time now, and as it has worsened over time, I was referred to Kingwood Occupational & Physical Therapy. My time here has been nothing short of amazing 😊. The staff has been very professional and has given great customer service, communication, and care along with making the scheduling of appointments quick and easy...

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In each session, I've felt very accommodated and comfortable, as they have developed a personal rehabilitation plan 📋 that fits my body's wants and needs. I've felt much improvement since I started my sessions here at Kingwood Occupational & Physical Therapy, and I can't thank them enough! I highly recommend Kingwood Occupational & Physical Therapy to anyone needing rehab, recovery, and physical therapy! ✅"


The end of the year is near, and most deductibles reset on January first. So, if you are living with persistent pain, THIS is the time to get the relief that you deserve!

Who Can Benefit From a Free Screening?

Anyone who...

- Has trouble performing normal daily tasks or exercise
- Has trouble sleeping at night due to pain
- Is recovering from a sports injury, work injury, or car accident
- Has acute, non-emergent pain
- Has tried other medical interventions without success
- Is experiencing a limited range of motion or stiffness

Free screenings at Kingwood Occupational & Physical Therapy located at 23780 US 59 North, Kingwood, TX 77339

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