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"I’ve had knee pain for quite some time now, but lately, my pain has gotten so extreme, that it has affected my everyday routine. 😔 That’s when I was introduced to Hamilton Physical Therapy Services. They listened to my problems and helped design a comprehensive program tailored to suit my needs and ongoing ability during my recovery while being most attentive and cognizant of my progress during my sessions.📋

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 The facilities were modern, well equipped, and always clean; not to mention the staff was friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. ✅Having Hamilton Physical Therapy Services guide me throughout my recovery was a most positive experience. I would highly recommend them; Hamilton physical therapy services helped me get my life back 😊."

Who Can Benefit From a Free Screening?

Anyone who...

- Has trouble performing normal daily tasks or exercise
- Has trouble sleeping at night due to pain
- Is recovering from a sports injury, work injury, or car accident
- Has acute, non-emergent pain
- Has tried other medical interventions without success
- Is experiencing a limited range of motion or stiffness
- Has limitations due to weakness or balance

Free screening offer valid at our Hamilton location at 1900 Arena Dr, Hamilton, NJ 08610 !

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